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Well as you all know Jimmy has been unwell he is feeling better now but he has not eaten anything for breakfast or dinner for about 2 weeks now he just puts it all in his mouth and wont swallow it then he will just spit it out in my hand. Does anyone else have this problem with there child when they have been unwell.

P.S all he has eaten is crisps at lunch time and his milk.

Ashley Jimmys Mummy

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can remember my sons doing that when not been well.

try not to make a fuss if hes not eaten as he will feel off for a bit if been poorly.

let him see you eating something and just leave jimmy some and see what he does.

rice pudding is good or soup xxxxxxx


Hi Matty goes off food when he's ill, we have just got used to it now, did used to worry.Last year he lost weight between each of his 4 hospital visits and they were getting worried. He put some on at the last visit but is really skinny. His appetite varies, it's a clue all is not well when he goes off his food. know it's difficult to swallow when asthma is bad.

Take care

Kate x


My kids don't have asthma but I know when they're ill they don't eat anything. Neither are big kids so I do worry as it can be a number of days but they reckon they'll eat when they're hungry. I always offer whatever the kids fancy even if it crisps/chocolate or sweets, I'd rather them eat rubbish than nothing!! You know they're on the mend when they start eating from the moment they get up!! Hope your son is better soon xxx


Took Jimmy to be weighed yesterday he has lost weight as i thought. He has had a little to eat so lets hope he picks up soon

Ashley xx


when i was in hospital with my asthma i didn't eat anything, or when i'm ill i loose my apitite, i was in for 3 days-asthma-and didn't really eat, aand then had to go back in the day after because i wasn't eating and when i tried i was being sick,it got to the piont where i couldn't even keep water down, i didn't eat for likee 10 days, or drink for 3 i had an NG tube, but it was nothing serious, but because i didn't eat for like 10 days i lost a fair amount of wieght and my stomach shrunk. i'm not trying to worry you, but children can go up to 2/3 weeks without eating until it can harm them, but when i gt out, i didn'twant to eat, but i did have some snack-a-jacks which got me hungry, so if insead of crisps/aswell as crisps try a little packet of snack-a-jacks they're in the same size packet as crisps, hope he's on the mend and doing alright

megan x


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