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Tom update

Well since I last wrote with Tom being depressed

He is now in hospital had to rush him there early hours

of Monday morning he came shuffling down stairs

all pale and gasping to tell me he had been like this for

A while *typical Tom not telling any one till its unbearable* telling me he has

over done his neb... so cuddling up to me I rang chris told

him to come home and we rushed Tom to a&e where we found

his left lung had collapsed.. so they took some xrays

and found shadows on his lungs witch is just terrifying

chris and me... just sat in the hospital cafe now Tom didn't

sleep last night due to increasing pain in his chest

and down his sides he told the nurse but she said it would pass

so Ton left it feeling in pain and he told us he started to

cough blood! Well we now know Tom has three cracked

ribs one of witch was pressing against his left lung... am so

angry that Tom had to spend all night in pain and scared

just wish he had told us while we where there so we could of sorted it..

but on the brightside they are going to give us hep as

a family

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