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Holly update

Hi everyone, Hope you are all well.

I posted a while ago after our cons wanted to refer Holly to a psychologist for her asthma. I don't know if evryone gets a copy of their GP's letter sent to them but we did and I found it so insulting. It stated that the cons didn't know why Holly's asthma was bad and that a referral to a psychologist ""may help mum cope"" Funny that cos I thought I was coping fine. It also said that Holly ""allegedly had breathing difficulties while on holiday"" Funny that too cos I offered him the medical notes from Majorca so theres no allegedly about it. After reading the letter I felt I was being portryed as an overanxious paranoid mum. I could go on and on but I've just calmed down so I'm not gonna wind myself up again.

However the good news is that on reading this I decided enough was enough and got my GP to refer me to a private cons. We went last night and what a difference. Holly's going to hosp on Saturday for rast tests to check for allergies, which I've been asking for for months from our own cons and kept getting told no. She's also being referred to a physio to see what benefit she can gain from breathing excercises and depending on how she goes with this she may be prescribed slophillin (sorry if its spelled wrong) in addition to her other meds. I asked cons about the need for a psychologist for her and he said that Holly has a physical condition which is clearly evident in her hospital admissions and not a psychological condition.

I came out of the appointment and felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. At last someone is listening to me and I feel that we're being taken seriously. I don't know if it's cos he was a private cons and you get what you pay for or if its cos hes a genuinely concerned or interested doctor but I am so grateful.

Keep you all posted



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Good to hear someone has finally taken note of whats been going on and is hopefully going to get Holly better controlled. Holly's consultant sounds so much like my daughters ( your up against a brick wall when you talk to her). I would really love to go private for Chloe but just can't afford it.I really hope you get all the answers you need.Take care and keep us posted. Nikki xx


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