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DLA for children with severe Asthma

I've been told to apply for DLA for my little girl. She is on twice daily nebs as well as the usual inhalers every 4hrs and Pred. She regularly chokes and vomits too. We are in and out of hosp regularly and now have open access to the childrens ward.

My problem is, ive looked through the forms sent to me and there don't seem to be many pages I can fill in for her.

She can only walk about 100yds before becoming breathless but as she's under 3 we cannot apply for the mobility component, only the care component.

Has anyone been through this process and have any hints or tips?

Many thanks

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Hi hun, my disabled daughter gets DLA but not just for asthma. I found the best thing with the forms was to keep a daily diary of what we do for my D & the extra help she needs for a couple of weeks. As what we do in caring for them comes automatically actually sitting down & thinking about it can be a real eye opener. I have been told its not the disability as such but the way it affects the person that they will look at when you return the forms. I got alot of advice from our local carers support with the forms so you could give them a ring? Also I would say ask someone close to you to look at the forms with you as you may miss something that you do for her. Hope that helps abit, thinking of you.




best thing todo is make an appointment with welfare rights to get the form filled in they know what to right and what questions to ask you. if turned down they will also appeal on your belaf. I had welfare rights fill form in for me.


I've been through this. With my son who has asthma sadly I got refused but my other son who doesn't have asthma but has epilepsy and learning difficulties was accepted but only for care as he is only 3. Fill in what ever you can and the rest think about when she is having a bad day. I was recommended to think about the bad days and fill the form in based on them


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