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never underessimate asthma

hi i just thought i would share this with you daughter 3 years ago .woke up at 3 in morning having asthma attack .i phoned an ambullance .i knew just with her colour .pale .her shoulders hunched up she was finding it very hard 2 breath.ambullance men gave her nebuliser .we arrived at hospital and jemma was panicking having a panic attack .doctors shut her body down for 7 hours in intensive care .on a ventolator .never have i been so affraid for her life .doctors cant explain why this happened . asthma is very unpredictable and i am always on gaurd now .

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Hi Muminglasgow

I can totally sympathise with how you feel: I am only 18 but have just come out of hospital where I spent 6 weeks in Intensive Care and seeing my family and how they felt and how quickly I got so ill has made me realise just how precious life is.

I am asthmatic but wasn't in due to this, I was in hospital ofter contracting severe double pneumonia, pleurisy, fusobacterium necrophorum scepticaemia, severe thrombocytopenia, and acute respiratory distress syndrome. I was unconcious on a ventilator for 11 days with 100% oxygen, followed up with 5 more weeks of oxygen through the nose due to severe hemorraghing in my lungs. Since this episode my asthma has been pretty bad as I couldn't take my meds whilst in hospital. At one point, I only had a 5% chance of survival. I've only been home a month.

Yes, asthma is very unpredictable, but so is life itself. Make the most of it, and let the ones you love know that you do - life can be snatched so quickly to the most invulnerable.

Emz x


I'm so glad you're both out of the hospital!

Take care. xx


This is very similar to what happened to me a few weeks ago, I was initially admitted but after a few days I decided I was well enough to discharge myself. BIG MISTAKE!!! I was in admitted again a few days later, lost consciousness in resus and had to go into ITU. My mum was very worried and I never want to put her through that again. so lol Ive learnt my lesson, never to discharge myself. :p


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