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New here and Alfie


My youngest child, Alfie (4), has asthma. His asthma is severe brittle asthma. His attacks come on so suddenly and severely that its impossible to prevent the dramatic decline in his condition. He is well known to our local picu.

Currently he's on ventolin as needed starting dose 5 puffs. Serevent, monteleukast, flixotide (850mcgs daily) azithromycin and we're having a break from reg pred to see if he can cope now the azithromycin has kicked in.

Typically it looks like it was the wrong decision to stop the pred because now a week later he's having a significant flare and back on a short course of high dose pred.

He's a scary kid and we've been told by his consultant (a respiratory paed consultant) that she really can't predict his future.

His high dose steroids have caused his adreneal function to be poor.


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Margot, just wanted to say hi and welcome to the boards. My son Sean is 11 and severe brittle asthmatic. Reading your post about Alfie took me back to when Sean was that age and on the same medications. There are other medications out there, with Sean its always hit and miss which drugs will work as you prob find with Alfie. Would your local team consider referring Alfie to a specialist chest hosp like Royal Brompton?

Hope Alfies chest settles now back on pred.



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