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Need Help

My son 8 who suffers from mild asthma has been wheezing on and off for last 2 weeks. This started after we got back from holiday. He has been using his ventolin to stop him wheezing. Took him to the doctors and he told us to increase the dose of his preventer inhaler to 8 puffs a day from 4 puffs a day. He normally takes becotide 50mg 2 puffs twice a day. After a week of increasing his inhaler his symptoms went away but comes back again once we lower the dose to normal. He wheezes sometimes and sometimes he doesn't.

The doctor said just to adjust his becotide dose up and down when his symptoms comes back. He doesn't have any other symptoms.

Can someone please advise if thats all I have to do to control his wheezing.

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I don't really know what to suggest apart from possibly changing the Becotide to another preventor or perhaps a combination inhaler which has a preventer and long acting reliever (in addition to Ventolin) otherwise known as a ""protector"", the combination inhaler comes in various strengths, some examples of combination inhalers are Seretide, Symbicort and Fostair.

Has your son had an asthma review with the asthma nurse at your GP practice recently? He/She could advise you properly as he/she knows your son better than any of us here do and would be able to decide whether your son's preventor inhaler needs changing or not or anything else.

Hope that helps a little.



Thanks Simi for your reply. We don't have asthma nurse at our doctors practice. He has been to see the doctor 3 times in last 3 weeks and the doctor hasn't said anything about changing his preventer. I need to suggest and see what he says. I have increased his preventer dose to maximum again and will see the doctor next week.


Hi Kiran

Sorry to hear you and your son are struggling at the moment. I notice that your son is on Becotide50. My son who is just eight is on Becotide100 so maybe you could suggest to your GP that he gives your son a atronger Becotide. I hope things sort themselves out for you both soon. Take care


Oh I forgot to say, does your son have an allergies or specific triggers such as exercise, cold weather etc? In addition to possible change of preventor; are the triggers being eliminated as best as they can be where possible? I know myself how hard it is especially if it something like house dustmites or similar to eliminate this trigger. Anyway just a thought.

Hope your doctor manages to find a better way of controlling your son's asthma.



Not sure exactly what triggers his asthma. He is always seems to have a runny nose and sneezing so my doctor has given him Loratadine tablets and nasal spray last week which seems to helping his runny nose and upping his preventer dose to 2 puffs 3 times a day keeping his wheeze under control. I am going to get him checked next week and ask to review his preventer.


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