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Advice Please

Hello everyone,

My 5 year old son was recently diagnosed with asthma.

He was sleeping on the sofa last month when he started coughing and couldnt stop he started turning blue and was all limp. I managed to get him to breathe properly and sat and watched him all night. When I took him to the doctors he told me he had a cold! I then had to beg him to give me some sort of meds to see if he has asthma. Finally giving him Ventolin and Clenil?

Anyway, He was rather bad last night and we were up with him at least 8-9 times. He was ok this morning but I got a phonecall from the school and they couldnt stop him from coughing.

Went and collected him and he still keeps coughing and coughing.

Im new to asthma and I just want to know if it is ok to give him his ventolin over and over and over. is there a limit to how much he can have?

He is nearly making himself sick where he is coughing.

Am i reacting really slow should he be at the doctors?

Any advise would be really helpful thank you


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Yes, there is a limit. The reliever should last 4 hrs.

If you give him his reliever and he doesn't respond within 5 minutes then you really need to get him to A&E. If he turns blue = 999 Don't worry about making a fuss!

I understand that being new to Asthma you may not realise how serious it can be.

It is difficult and can be dangerous for us to give advice here as we cannot see your son.

Please see the information below from the terms and conditions....

I hope he feels better soon!


The Advice below is from the web site


The following guidelines are suitable for both children and adults and are the recommended steps to follow in an asthma attack:

1. Take your reliever inhaler (usually blue), immediately

2. Sit down and ensure that any tight clothing is loosened. Do not lie down

3. If no immediate improvement during an attack, continue to take one puff of your reliever inhaler every minute for five minutes or until symptoms improve

4. If your symptoms do not improve in five minutes – or you are in doubt – call 999 or a doctor urgently

5. Continue to take one puff of your reliever inhaler every minute until help arrives


Asthma UK's forums are for debate and discussion. Especially, they are not a suitable place to obtain medical advice in an emergency. If you feel unwell or need advice in an emergency situation, help should be obtained from one of the following sources:

* Your local GP service - either your surgery, or, if closed, the local out-of-hours centre; some regions also have NHS Walk-In Centres

* NHS Direct - a nurse-led advice line which can provide medical advice, or call an ambulance if needed - telephone 0845 46 47

* Dialling 999 for an emergency ambulance, or by going to your local Accident & Emergency department.

* Asthma UK's own guidance for what to do in an asthma attack


Thanks Kate,

He has doctors at 4:10 and has calmed down its just bouts of couging now not constant. I just didnt want to overdose on the ventolin. My partners father died of an asthma attack so he knows what to look for etc but I really dont.

Thank you


how did you get on at the Dr?

hope he has settled more now.

does he have an inhaler for school yet?


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