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a bit confused

my daughter who is ten has had asthma since she was 2 and has always been in control of it, until Decembers last year when she a nasty chest infection which resulted in 2 lots of antibiotics, since then she has had a nasty cough took her back to docs on Thur's and doc wanted a chest xray do in even though she couldn't hear owt she also gave Emma symbicort 100/6 to try and stop her coughing as much, just wondering why she wants her to have an xray if she cant hear owt on her chest. just getting a little pathatic cos i dont no wts she doin it for, thanks for listening to me

jill xxxx

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I have had chest xrays done quite a few times....both ordered by GP and at clinic. As far as I can tell they do it to check for anything else that they have missed as well as things like infection will show up on an xray.

One of the more medical people will probably have a more helpful answer.





my son has had a few x rays, they x ray to check for infection virul or bacterial cuz somtimes it can be difficult to hear. its good to do cuz it can helps to shed light on whats happening.


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