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spacers and facemasks

At what age did you move on from a spacer with a facemask, to one without? Little nutter is quite happy with still using the facemask at the moment, also it makes things easy for me if he is having an attack and I need to administer the meds.

(though has been suggested to me from others that he should be using one without the mask now he is a bit older)

Not sure how he would cope without the mask in situations where he is struggling .....I think if he is well and just taking his preventer inhaler he'd probably manage.

I will ask at our next appointment, he is almost 6 now so comments have just got me thinking.

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I would definatly say if the mask still fits his face snuggly with a tight seal use it to your advantage! Never mind about his age, if it ensures he receives all his madication perfectly dont change for the general hell off it!!


edit; see if your local pharmacy do the new vortex spacer chamber also.as they can do duck faces to encourage children also!!


a friend of mines girl has only just ditched her masked one shes 7 she wasnt keen on moving up to the next one as it had blue ends so they decorated it will bobbles and beads to make it girly

i also know an adult that uses a spacer with a mask as she strugles to hold the un masked ends in her mouth whist having an attack so its personal preference


I'm 20, and I still have a spacer with a mask. If I'm coughing and struggling it's much easier to use than just using a mouthpiece. Same with when I'm nebbing. Find masks much easier overall when not well.


I have one with a mask! It's just the one I got when my GP prescribed me one. If your son is happy with using the mask I can't see why he would need to change it.


There is no shame in using a masked spacer because i am 12 and i have been given the masked one because of dificulties taking the inhaler so i'd say it is easier


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