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Was this an asthma attack??

Hi All,

I'm just after a little advise please!!

I haven't posted on here much but read your posts with great interest..

Blake is now 2 and a half, He has been very chesty and wheezy lately. Last night he become very restless in his sleep and kept crying out. I went into him on several occations and he was coughing but would then gag, but not sick. His temperature then rose quickly upto 39.8 C. He was breathing very quickly and noisely, I gave him 2 puffs of his Ventolin which helpped for a short while but he was soon rapid brething again. I was thinking of phoning for help (it was 2am by now) but he finally seems to settle.

Today he has been very tired, and chestly/ wheezy again.

Was this an 'asthma attack' or just a 'funny turn'??

Thanks for reading

Em xx

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Oh poor you. And poor Blake. It's horrid see your child suffer like this.

Not sure if this was an attack but considering ventolin helped, it could well have been.

If he's still chesty/wheezy I'd say take him along to gp today, especially as he's had a temp. He could well have a chest infection.

Hope he improves soon.


Hi Em

I hope Blake is feeling better today, I would definitely get him checked at GP.

Clare x


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