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Tips for reducing asthma attacks

Hello all

I am hoping to get some advice.

My niece has recently been diagnosed with asthma, she is two years old.

When she is at home she has a lot of coughing fits, yesterday was quite bad and resulted in her being sick (when she has a coughing fit she has a blue inhaler to take). Over the weekend she came to stay with me and was fine - almost no coughing or chesty symptoms at all.

Both my house and my sister's houses are similar, both clean, both without pets. We are wondering if perhaps it could be to do with the air as I live in the countryside, she lives in a built up area near to a busy road.

Does anyone have any tips on how to make houses less likely to trigger asthmatic symptoms such as a dehumidifier or air purifier? My sister was thinking of getting a fan just to get some air going through the room but am I right in thinking this isn't really going to help? One of the issues is that she has only got a 'big window' in my niece's bedroom and so keeps this locked at all times. Is it better to have a window open?

Any help you could provide will be gratefully received as we are both new to this!


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Hi Danielle,

Not really got any helpful advice for you I'm I also am wondering what I can do in my childrens bedroom to ease their asthma symptoms.

I actually thought that it was a humidfier that would be beneficial for an asthmatic. As my undrestanding is that central heating dries out the air too much, which aggrivates a cough.

I will therefore be watching this posting with interest to see what other people have to say. I don't want to go and spend money on something that will actually worsen their asthmatic coughs.

Hope you get some useful information & sorry I can't be of any more help


ps Just one thought...bit off subject.... but make sure that the number of soft toys on your nieces bed is kept to a minimum, as these can harbour dust mites. Putting soft toys in the freezer for 24 hours and then washing them will help reduce the number of dust mites.


Hi i can only talk from my experience with my son. A humidifier definately helps him, also when we moved into our new house we talk up the carpet and underlay in his bedroom and hoovered between all of the floorboards to get rid of any dust. No aerosols used any where near his room dusted every day and he only has one teddy on his bed, also he did share a room with his sister and they had bunk beds which we were told is a bad idea with dust falling from the bed above.


hi first thing do they use pug in air fresheners or the automatic spray ones cause these can be big triggers

a fan wont help much

humidifier might help but then a wet towel on the radiator does the same thing

having a window open depends on amount of traffic pollution out side and also in the summer pollen's

also some times there is no reason behind why an attack happens some where and not others

Hope this helps


ps DONT get a dehumidifier it wont help you want a HUMIDIFIER


everyone else seems to have said just about everything, i've got 3 with asthma i've cut down the soft toys, polish with a damp cloth rather than spray, hoovering and house work is done when their at school or out, we don't use spray freshers or plug ins and use a humidifier when we need to use the central heating, its all a matter of figuring out the triggers and working around them


make sure drinks more thasn enough! When starts a coughing fit get her to sip some water can stop irration of the throat


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