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Caravan holiday trigger advice

My 20 year old daughter is in hospital at the moment. We didn't realise she had asthma until she was diagnosed with acute severe asthma earlier today.

She's speaking to the specialist tomorrow and so I was wondering whether there are any specific issues she could raise in regards to triggers? The only time she has ever displayed similar symptoms in the past have been when she's been on caravan holidays. This site lists mould as a trigger, and if you type the keywords 'mould' and 'caravan' into Google it's referred to as 'the curse of the caravan buyer' so I'm putting two and two together...

Does she need to request an allergy test or will all this be taken care of? She's in until at least Tuesday and I'd like to get everything covered while we have the specialists on hand.

Any advice is much appreciated x

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My asthma has been really bad when I've been on caravan hols in the past - assumed it was the dust in the caravan but it could well have been mould...

You could well ask for allergy tests, I dont think they are done automatically. I had to push for my son's allergy tests, his consultant wasn't keen but the GP gave in in the end. I have had asthma all my life so know what my triggers are, but when you are new to it, it is a gradually learning process. Anyway, good luck and I hope your daughter improves.


Hi angievere, thanks for your reply. She was in a caravan when this attack came on and has only ever really had these symptoms (that we now recognise as asthma, but didn't at the time) when she's been on caravan holidays. It's good to know someone else has similar experiences.

I probably shouldn't be doing this, but I've gone through the triggers on this site and have skipped dust because her room can get pretty dusty from time to time! We've got lots of bookshelves and they can also get dusty, so I thought she'd have symptoms at home if dust was the trigger? Still, I've got some spring cleaning to do before she comes home.

I'm pretty worried to be honest. I'd do anything for it not to happen again.


I wouldnt dismiss dust as a trigger - it is a very common trigger for asthmatics (well, it's the dust mites that live on dust). Asthma is a complex illness so it's often not just one thing, but a combination of factors. Colds and exercise are my main triggers, but I am also allergic to a range of things - even laughing or drinking wine can make me wheezy and tight!

Allergies is certainly a component of my son's asthma and the tests showed an allergy to house dust mites. I change his bed twice a week and shake everything out, including banging his pillows outside. I also buy new pillows several times a year. He takes two lots of antihistamines and these have helped. His consultant said you can't live life in a bubble, but I do try to reduce the dust element. I also give him vit supplements to boost his immune system as colds nearly always result in a chest infection/bad asthma.


Thanks for your advice – I'm taking it all on board.

I keep on top of the housework in the rest of the house, but leave my girls' to sort their bedrooms out (they're in their teens to early 20's). I'm going to start making the extra effort now though.

Charlotte has spoken to an asthma nurse and has her plan and has a whole list of medicines to bring home with her. If's she's ok without her nebuliser throughout the night she'll be home tomorrow. She has asked for allergy tests and she's having them in a few weeks which I'm relived about.

Thanks again for your support, it's very much appreciated.

Marie x


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