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advice please . singulair - montelukast

cal has just had his first admission in nearly 18 months as we have been coping at home with his chest infections and attacks pretty well.

The consultant he saw after I gavehim list of cals meds said they could try him on montelukast and I was so tired I never really queried it . When I have looked at his singulair box on coming home am I wrong but arent they the same medication ??

I have kept him taking singulair but realised the last two months he has been on the lower wrong dose and have now got him on 5 mgs again but can anyone enlighten me if there is any difference


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Sorry about Cal's admission. Hope he's soon home. Yes Montelukast is Singulair.


Thanks thought I was going mad . cant honestly say I have noticed whether singulair helps him or not as he has been on it 4 years and various med changes have occurred . Will just wait for his next consultant appointment and see what they advise



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