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I MUST JUST MAKE IT UP !!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else feel like the docs think they just make the whole thing up off the top of your head. I was at the local hospital with Jimmy today and because he is always so happy and cheeky they really dont seem to see what i can. I listened to his chest and it sounded like a few dog toys had been dropped down there. But once again because he is so happy they just say ""well he seems happy enough"" ha ha ha yeah because he knows no different but it seem to make them stupid to the fact that his chest shouldnt sound like that ! He had another xray and was put on more steriods and i was told to up his meds again but i am still left feeling alone and lost !

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Oh hon, I have been in your shoes so many times. They discharged my daughter on Friday because she was smiling even though she was still on 2 hourly nebs, low o2 and was complaining of not being able to breathe. Idiots!


It's so bloody irritating, Matty too smiles through it all. He has a fierce determination like only one other child I know who also has been through hell with his health. It's this determination that has kept him alive all these years.I really do know how alone you feel, you would have thought in this day and age docs would know what they are doing. I have sat in A+E many a time thinking if they don't treat him correctly he will die. I have shouted at docs who haven't got a clue and just want to send us home so they don't have to deal with us. I have had to fight when I've been to exhausted to do so, but I will do every time. We now have letters from his consultant 80 miles away and transfer notes, but still don't feel as if any one knows what they are doing with his asthma yet.Matty's asthma has kicked off again last night so v tired as my asthma is brittle too at the mo.

Take care and hope things improve for Jimmy.

Kate x


why do some doctors say that!


I know exactly how you feel, thats kind what happened to me but i was the happy kid! My mum had such a hard time with Gp's getting them to take it seriously. I think its sad GP's dont trust your instinct to know that something is not right with your son.

As an adult ive had similiar experiences - I had to become really arrogant with the other gps at my surgery (gist of my history my whole respiratory system swells up unless i start preds at the start of an infection) and a gp said my chest is clear nothing wrong with me how was i diagnoised with asthma? as it maybe a bad chest infection. So i just (unfortunatly rudely) said that 2 consultants, 4 gp's within this surgery and 2 independent harmony clinic doctors have confirmed its chronic asthma and maybe classifed as brittle!

Go to a different doctor, hope your son feels better soon.


Some doctors will label the chonic wheezers 'happy wheezers' because they are wheezy all the time but the kids have got used to it and sit there smiling, like you say, they don't know any different.


Aww, I sooo understand.

My little girl is always smiling throughout. Even our GP says to ignore her smiles as she seems to go down very quickly without warning. I see her slowing down, then sometimes a wheeze and by that stage shes really poorly, yet she is still smiling!!

Alot of the medical staff are completely ignorant to this yet occasionally you get a dr who listens to us as parents.

I soo wish there were more of these dr's though as these are the ones who can make a real difference to our little ones lives.

I agree, it does leave you feeling as if you're wrong, and in fact doubting your own judgement. You then have to bring yourself back to earth and remind yourself that you are their voice and only you can shout on behalf of them.

Chin up hun, its desperately hard. This is why this site is so amazingly supportive.

Take caer, you're doing an amazing job as a Mummy.x


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