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My little boy had asthma clinic on friday for the first time. He was given a new spacer and I have been given a syptom dairy so we can keep track of his syptoms. They said they can't do peak reading till he is about 4 so we have to try to control it with ventolin to begin with and if that doesn't help or stops helping then we have to go back so they can review it. They also said they will ask us to bring him back in 6 monthd time but if we feel the need to see the asthma nurse then just to book an appointment.

Must say feeling a bit overloaded with all the info.

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snap! I took all three of my boys to the Asthma clinic on Friday (age 5, 3 + 3) and they were finally all officially diagnosed with Asthma. They are all on the brown inhaler daily and the blue as and when required. We have had a bad few months from September with them needing oral steroids monthly and a few overnight stays in hospital too, so it is a relief to be finally see them settle down with the brown inhalers and to have an official diagnosis. The eldest has been asked to do peak flow readings, but she didn't give me anything for the twins, she said they were too young, but to be honest I think they would be fine, they love to have a go when Lewis is doing it and always get a good reading (about 120) I should ask about that symptom diary or even just start one myself as I get so confused remembering everything 3 times over and think it may have helped with an earlier diagnosis. We have to take Lewis back in 3 months and I am presuming she would want to seee the twins also, fingers crossed we don't have any flare ups before then! I don't know what your sons Asthma is like but it sounds like you are well informed and looked after, and this is a good place for advice if you do get confused.


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