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By accident I have discovered this. ""Some thing as everyday as a tulip will remove formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia""!!!!

check out this website

Yeh yeh, I have heard people muttering stuff like this before, but as I said I have discovered that it is actually worthwhile investing in a whole load of plants (certain ones) to purify and humidfy your home/office.

I decided that I wanted to brighten up my livingroom, so pulled hubby and the two boys in car off to Dobbies to purchase a fitting plant for livingroom.

Plant purchased, piled moaning hubby and two boys back in car and off home to position said plant.

A few hours later ( having only ever owned and successfully killed a plant) thought ?X?X better have a look on the internet at how to look after the bloody thing (since I spent £12, although came with a lovely pot) anyway articles upon articles of the same thing kept popping up, one in particular under the title of Breathe easy. It is worth loking into, caution must be used at choosing some plants when you have vry young kids as some can be poisionous if eaten or can be an irritant to skin, but if you look on a good gardening centre web site they list which are poisinous.

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