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My 15 month old has constant wheeze


My daughter is 15 months old and hasn't ""offically"" been diagnosed with asthma but her recent symptoms and treatments certainly indicate that, plus, her eczema, food allergies (milk & egg) and history of allergy in my family mean it's looking more and more likely. So I decided I'd better find out as much as I can rather than spend all my energy on worrying. I've just been exploring the website and was pleased to discover the forum.

About 2 months ago my daughter ended up in hospital for 3 nights needing steriods, nebuliser etc. Since then there have been two other occasions where I felt the wheezing was making her feel unwell and she needed to see a GP and have treatment. In between these incidents she is always wheezing to some degree but is very happy and doesn't seem bothered by it. Does anyone who's child has been ""officially"" diagnosed with asthma have this experience or is it usual for the wheezing to clear completely between attacks?

Any replies much appreciated.



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Hi, I don't think they can diagnose asthma until they are older, it's basically diagnosed by looking at how many admissions they have, do they respond well to both bronchodilators and preventors etc. My 13 month old son has a constant bubbling noise with breathing and we have been told this is perfectly normal but he just isn't clearing his throat when others would. In addition to this he has had one hospital admission and has been diagnosed as a 'happy wheezer'. He does have an expiratory wheeze most weeks of the month - worse after a cold and this is what could potentially develop into asthma. When he is wheezy we give him a ventolin inhaler (up to 6 puffs 4 hourly) and tip his cot at an angle. What I am saying is make sure your child does not just have secretions pooling at the back of the throat and if it is a definite wheeze then they need a bronchodilator inhaler to help open up the airways.

The wheeze your child has should improve with the inhaler and especially if they are well and don't have a cold. Try changing bedding every 2 days (wash at 60 to kill all allergens) no soft toys in cot, open windows to air room and damp dust. All this really helps to control allergens that seem to be one of the triggers.

Hope this helps.


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