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new on here, daughter bad asthma worse in winter

hi everyone, i am new on here, i have a now 5 year old daughter just coming in to her bad seasons of the year, she was diagonsed at 16months old with asthma after catching pnemonia, every year from oct to about apr we r dosed up on medication, and get at least 1 infection every month, was rushed in to hospital last nov, needing to be on nebuliser twice, with sats down to 85%, this was 3 days after having the swine flu jab, has the normal jab every year no probs,she is at school full time now, and worry when she at school if they pick up on it, and about her having so much time of, they have said they will get things home for her so she can keep up, just wondered if anyone else has simular probs in the winter months of asthma going so bad, by the way in winter her meds are flixotide 50mg 2 in morning and evening, 4mg montelukast granules a day, and when really bad 2 ventolin every 4 hrs thanks and look forward to any advice

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welcome babs1976,

just a quick hi to welcome you,

I have asthma but no children with it ,so hope someone will reply to you.

winter is realy bad for most of us ,

hope your little one gets the meds she needs to help her through it xxx


I've sent you a PM but forgot to say that my son and I were also both very poorly after the swine flu jab - in fact we both were in bed for a few days afterwards. Unfortunately it may have affected your daughter similarly.


Bad asthma in winter

Hi, my daughter is off today having her first day off school this term due to winter asthma. Last year in reception she had 89% attendance and we were at risk of having the EWO sent to our house due to her absence. It upset me very much, as we are caring parents. My daughter also had tonsillitis and this added another week off. Last year her pattern was this: End of sept she gets a bad chest- ventolin, nebuliser at the Doctors and then we seemed to have Jan -march every weekend (usually sunday) shed be up in the night with puffer and too tired and exhausted to go to school monday morning. Sh e also gets excema which at the moment is very red. She is on a brown inhaler 2 in morn 2 eve. we hhave tried the tablet (not sure of the name) she had a reaction to it (another day off school). I am concerned that her attendance will be commented on, but at the end of the day if our children are poorly then I am not happy to send them to school. I was told by her head that there were very sick kids at the school and implied that my daughter wasnt as poorly as them yet they attended! I quoted the child who died at school due to asthma attack. No comment! I think we as parents just have to keep in open communication with the school and teacher and try not to worry too much. I am hoping that this winter will be a bit better( when she was 2 and 3 we too were in hosptial with her) , I hope your daughter has a better winter- her asthma sounds alot worse than my daughter, so my fingers are crossed for you this winter. any tips -let me know.x


here goes with bad winter again daughter ill

my 5 year old daughter is ill again, had flu jab a week ago, got high temps that night, and tues this week high temps, and come down with a cold , doubled up on inhaler, on montelukast, ventolin every 4 hours, going to see dr tomorrow as peak flow was down to 120 this morning normally at 160, yesterday morning it was at 90 in the morning so had to have ventolin which brought it back up, coughing bad, tired and going to be of school , just had half term, she not sleeping well at night , having to prop her up with pillows, any ideas on how to help or someone having same sorts of probs please get in touch, every winter is the same and it not fair on her . thanks in advance x


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