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Hi all, i'm new to all this, my 8mth old Zach has just been diagnosed with probable asthma recently, we have a very strong family history and he was had a very rattly and wheezy chest and terrible night cough for 3mths now, we have been given a ventolin inhaler to try and it seems to have eased his symptoms during the day but he's virtually having choking attacks in the night still quite frequently, we are exhausted :(

my eldest has had bouts of croup when younger and we used a humidifier in his room at night and wondered if it would be effective with asthma??? And if so cold or warm?

Thanks in advance.xx

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Sorry to hear about Zach.

This is a bit of a grey area, possibly dependent on the type of asthma involved. Many people say that warm air humidifiers work great for them, yet in theory they should not work as well as a de-humidifier should for asthmatics.

Without knowing what the asthma triggers are it is hard to judge, eg dust mites which in theory would thrive with a humidifier or could it be damp in the bedroom?

Sorry for not been more helpful, it maybe a case of trial and error for the individual concerned.

If you do purchase one it would be interestning to hear the results / benefits.

Either way good luck.




in my experience, i actually find these useful when i have coughing bouts, which is main symptom of an attack for me, as well as extra coughing bouts when i have an infection, grrr!!!

i put half a cereal bowl of luke warm boiled water on top of a heater/radiator in my bedroom at night before bed (i have no children at home, tough, so obviously make sure its out of lil one's reach!) and it humidifies the air for me, i find it helps me during the night. i still cough like crazy, though, not as much.

dust is a mega trigger for me, so i make sure i use clean one every nite obviously!

hope this helps :)



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