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Has anyones little one had this and what was it used for/with?

I am a little confused as if this is a preventer or reliever, some ppl I have spoken to have used it for both!

The reason I am asking is because Isaac was given this to try instead of his salbutamol (to check if sal was making him hyper) and he has had it for a week and is in a worse state then before. We have been away and he ended up using his salbutamol anyway because you can only have so much of the other and it was taking too long to relieve his symptoms!!!!! He is now back to night coughing and wheezy mornings Argh just when we got it under control.

We have a doctors appt tomorrow and I want to go armed with as much info as possible. Was hoping to see another doc, but wasn't able to get an appointment with a different one so we are seeing the same as usual and I am *not* going to let him fob me off again.


Sarah xx

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Firstly I'm not medically qualified just work for one of the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture most of the asthma drugs and have had to study them as part of my job.

Atrovent or Ipratropium bromide to give it its generic name as far as I am aware is also a reliever like salbutamol but works in a slightly different way. You can take both salbutamol and atrovent together and not have any problems. Its very common during an attack to be given atrovent in addition to salbutamol. Its not normally used on its own bit as an add on to other treatment. I take both salbutamol and atrovent in addition to a steroid every day as I found it helps keep my asthma under control particularly during the summer when I struggle with pollen counts. I can't comment on your other questions.

Hope this helps and good luck with your appointment. I struggle to control my asthma as an adult so I canonly imagine how difficult it is for you with your son. Let us know how you get on.

Take care



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