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question for singiulair users?

hi all as some of u may already no i got a 3 year old with asthma he started singulair a month ago , been fine on it, about 2 nights of coughing out of the four weeks of using the singulair, his last tablet was tonight, i spoke to the doctors today and they want him to go back on a course of them again, but no reason why he is on them again? n e ideas ?

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Singulair is a tablet that, if effective, should be used regularly. It dampens down the symptoms and is needed to be taken every day to be effective.

A course of a few weeks will improve the symptoms but it should be carried on.

Perhaps your doctor suggestes a 4 week trial to see if it was effective.

As you say, it has been so it works.

Many asthma medications such as preventers and protectors need to be taken every day to help dampen down and reduce the symptoms - this is because there is no cure for asthma as yet so we need regular medication to help.

I hope this explains the reasoning for you.

I have been on Singulair for years, I do notice it if I miss a dose though!



Singiulair & side effects

My son (5yrs) just started taken it 5 days ago; he has been nebulised 3 times in the last 5 months. He begins with a cold and it's a slippery slope from there. This last episode was having a slow recovery and GP recommended trying singiulair. Apparently it works on the allergy side of the asthma rather than the lung side. From the 1st evening of taking it there was a very marked improvement in his health the next day, although there has also been quite marked side effects; he has been very tired & falling asleep during the day (to be fair might also be due to his recovery) and school is on holiday from easter break, but I am quite concerned that he might fall asleep in class. Also he has been very thirsty. I am aware that it is a sodium based drug. Can anyone else tell me what side effects they have found.


hi there!

my 3 year old also started on singulair around the same time as yours! Just over a month ago. It's been working great. We finally got to see the consultant when the first pack was finished and he prescribed him more and our doc has put it on repeat prescription until we see the consultant again in 4 months for a review. It seems that if it works then we need to continue with it along with the Becotide. It's like another preventative rather than a course of treatment for when the asthma is bad.

Glad your tot is doing better! What a relief!


Singulair and tiredness

I was interested to read Call06's comment that her son is very tired since taking the singulair. We are having a similar problem with my seven year old. She will frequently nap during the daytime and is shattered by about 6pm which is very unlike her.

We saw our nurse for a review today and she's suggested that it may be simply that my daughter is catching up on her rest now that she feels well enough. We were told some weeks back that the tiredness should lessen after about a fortnight which obvivously hasn't happened because we have now been on them for four weeks. The other suggestion was that the cetirizine she takes for her rhinitis might be adding to the tiredness and we've been asked to stop the cetirizine for four weeks and see how she is after that. I'm not keen to repeat this. We stopped it when she first started the singulair (for the first two weeks) and her symptoms appeared again.

My big concern is how she is going to cope with Brownies, Badgers etc which start after 6 when her energy levels are starting to drop quite rapidly.

Not wishing to hijack this thread but I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

Jacqui Mac


i think that singulair is meant to be as a long term medication, unlike pred which is preferbly used in short bursts, well thats what my GP tells me (ive been on it since september last year).

It sounds like youve had good results with singiulair, so i would stick with it, or you might go back to that night cough again


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