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Allergy tests !

Well we are off on the 11th of august to have some allergy test done in London after our rubbish test in Addenbrookes. I hope they test him for a wider variety of things maybe it might help if not at least it will put our minds at rest that we are doing all we can to help him.

Has anyone else been for allergy test privately.

Ashley Jimmys Mummy xx

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No but Matty is on antihistamine tabs and they work!!!Good luck

Kate x


not had any privately but little nutter has had skin prick tests, and due more to test for other things.

he also takes antihisthamine

hope ur appointment goes well


Maddie takes Antihistamine too.


My first tests were at private clinic - after A&E visit for moderately bad but unknown allergic reaction (NHS wouldn't send me), then later got NHS testing - after acute anaphylaxis/asthma last year - (kept getting subsequent bad reactions afterwards).

NHS was more in depth, BUT neither, showed acute reation/that I was highly allergy prone! I definitely wasn't imagining the anaphylactic shock! After the private test I was advised to go on a strict diet to help my system calm down (which worked), NHS didn't advise this as they knew my anaphylaxis/asthma episode was due to antibiotics, said subsequent reactions were because of this and would calm down, advised I take antihistamines for at least a good few months.

The worst thing is if you're sent away with no further information/treatment plan as tests show nothing, feeling as though you're imagining it. Antihistamines really help me - asthma and allergy, but I was advised not to take them for a period of time before the NHS allergy test as this can affect the results.

My symptoms have eventually calmed down, tried different antihistamines and kept a watch on what I'd eaten/come into contact with looking at possible triggers, I had to get into the habit of watching everything I ate and cooking everything from scratch - harder than it sounds. All this is bad enough for a grown up let alone someone Jimmy's age and you trying to help him!

Hopefully you'll get somewhere with these tests and fingers crossed, his symptoms start to settle.

Lucy : )


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