SINGULAIR? Advice & thoughts appreciated!

hi all,

after many sleepless nights due to my 3 yr old's constant coughing and months of battling his asthma and chest infections I went to see the doctor today as I really don't feel we have his asthma totally under control despite using becotide inhaler & ventolin as & when needed. Anyway, the doctor was really nice and understanding and has now prescribed him 'Singulair' to use in conjunction with his other meds. He will be having the chewable kind. We have to pick it up tomorrow as the pharmacy has to order it.

Has anyone else's child used this medication? I have been reading on the General forum about the many side effects people have experienced and now I am concerned. My doc said he didn't think we would have any trouble. He also said it's amazing how quickly Singulair gets asthma under control.

Would love to hear back from anyone with experience with this. THANKS!

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  • I have singular and have no side effects and found that it def stopped my am dip in pf.

  • Hi my daughter used it she is 6 and although she didn't have any side effects it didn't work for her .Hope it works for your son . let us know of any improvement. Nikki xx

  • my sone who is 2 1/2 is on this it has helped a little bit, but things getting bad now.he has had no problems with it

  • my sone who is 2 1/2 is on this it has helped a little bit, but things getting bad now.he has had no problems with it

  • Hi Landa

    My son is 6 and has been taking Singulair (Montelukast 5mg) for about 2 years. I cant say whether or not is has helped, but when you and your child are keep awake all night it certainly seemed worth trying for both of us. Scott has had no side effect from what I can gather, but I cant say it has been a 'miracle cure'. Try putting dust mite protectors on his pillows and mattress protector, (wash everything at 60degrees before you put all his new bedding on). That might help just as much as the Singular. Good luck. Dont give up you both deserve sleep!. Regards Elaine

  • thanks for all your advice and support! So far so good with the Singulair although we are a bit confused as to whether it has to be on an empty stomach or not. Everything I have read says yes but the doc said it made no difference. We weren't given 'instrutcions' with the meds... no leaflet. Anyway, I decided to follow everythign I read on the internet and we usually give it 2 hours after he eats in the evening. Just before bed time. Does this sound right? He takes it fine, which we are really releived about!

  • i take mine just b4 bed sometimes on an empty stomach sometimes not instructions don't actually say one or other

  • singular

    hi there my son has had singular ventolin andbeclometasone dipropinate(qvar 100) for a while now and hes 18mths singular does help with him its his inhalers that need changing hope that helps x

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