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Newbie here - 9 year old daughter and 2 year old son

Hi i have had asthma for last nine years but for the last two been particularly bad have had chest infections every couple of months and on 8 steriods a day and antibiotics every time. My 2 year old was put on inhalors about 4 mths ago and has had one chest infection just lately and then he was put on antibiotics and given a preventer inhalor also. I have had problems with my 9 yr old daughter coughing constantly and lately she has had a sore chest and coughing til she makes herself sick, took her to the doctor and they have put her on salamol inhalor and prescribed antibiotics as she has a chest infection. Im just worried should i be getting my daughter tested for asthma and if so how do i go about it, also ive been explaining to her how to use her inhalor etc and have to go in and talk to her teacher tomorrow but just worried she seems to be taking it as a joke eg keeps running around telling everyone she has asthma and flashing her inhalor am just concerned she is not responsible enough to know when she should be using it and not using it, also should i make her carry her inhalor with her at all times even out playing?

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Sorry your having problems, hopefully things will get easier. I wouldn't worry about your daughter taking it as a joke, it may just be the ways shes finding to deal with it, and if not, I'm sure the novelty will ware off soon!

Hopefully as she and you get used to her inhaler, you will be able to decide what is right for her with her inhaler. I help at a Brownie pack, and have two brownies currently with asthma, both are very well adapted and carry their own inhalers, and use them when they feel appropriate. However all children are different! - hopefully your'll sort your own way of doing things soon. There may be some parents in the forum that can give you some better advice!


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