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please help at my witts end

I have a 5 year old boy who has been a asthmatic since he has been 3 months, he only has attracks when he gets colds. The trouble is the medication hes on sends him hyper all the time, he is just so uncontrollable it has got to the point where his teacher has a lot of concern for him. When he is of the medication he is fine. Does anyone else have this problem. He is on Neoclarityn syrup, (which I know is ok for he as he is on that all year round) singulair tablets, (which he has been back on for 1 week) Seretide 50 Inhaler (which he has been back on for 1 week) and Ventolin when he has a attack. When I mention this to the doctor he tells me to slowly wind down the medication, then before we know it he gets very bad then straight back on again.

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although my son is now 12 when he was younger we found the ventolin made him hyper so in the end we tried bricanyl instead of ventolin which is another brochildilator but it did make a difference and he has stayed on it. It might worth a try if your gp is willing. Also give your chemist a ring as they are very knowledgeable on the ingrediants and may be able to help you. I have somewhere a list of the main additives that can cause problems as my son has always had problems with additives and preservatives.

If I find it I will let you know.


Thank you very much, as when my son was younger he also hyper to certain foods.


Hi sparky and I bid you a festive welcome to AUK.

You say your GP has asked that you slowly wind down your sons meds. When you are doing this, are you also winding down the Neoclarityn?

Take hair,



Just a thought if he has a cold are you giving him calpol or different paracetamol syrup? Sends mine completely loopy. We've changed brands.

Ventolin does make my girls a bit hyper/bad tempered if they need it regularly.



I cant find my old list but found this on the net which may be helpful.


in regards to colours and additives that can make kids hyper if you go to a decent bookshop and ask for the book called e for additives it lists all diff additives etc and what they are found in. my mum used it when my brother was young as he had prob with going hyper and few years ago i sent a copy to friend in romania who wer working out there and it helped them with their son loads.


Heheh good old ""E for Additives"", my mum used that as well :)

May be a plan to check the colour in Singulair as well?


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