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hi just after a little advice, my little one is on his second course of steroids in a week.( im a liitle concerned that this is too soon)i took him to c the gp on monday he was having difficulty playing as he was breathless and his night time cough also returned she gave him steriods as he was wheezy these seemed to do the trick and eased him until yday. his cough returned and again he was breathless needing his inhaler all the time even though he only finished his course yday morning. i left him for the day using his inhaler to relieve his symptoms this worked but again today he was coughing and breathless again. took him back ther gp, he has no wheeze but gp said he is using his tummy muscles to much to breath and give him another course. is this usual action without a wheeze. he has had a few courses of steriods in the past but he has always had a wheeze.

he is on a fair bit of meds for his asthma , clenil 100mgx2 puffs twice per day, 4mg montelukast, antihistamine and ventolin when needed.

also just wondering , consultant is talking about putting him on nasal drops to help with his rhinitis does anyone know of this is beneficial.

thanks in advance.

jakey's mum helen . x

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Hiya Jakey's mum,

I don't feel qualified to comment on your docs decision, except it might be worth asking the doc about nebulisers if he's really working hard? I'd be inclined by your description to keep a close eye and nip him down to A&E if he hasn't started to get better. I don't mean to be alarmist but you know what kids are like, they push on through. Especially when they're young. And then it can all go downhill. We've done with our little one, and even though he's come home, the hospital and GPs have always supported our decision and have said that they'd have done the same thing. How old is your laddie? Doctors will always rather have a look at him and be on the safe side, even if it is ""out-of-hours"".

Re the nasal drops, my little one of nearly four started on a steroid nasal spray about a month ago and it has been amazing. It's really made a difference, as has the antihistamine (for perennial rhinitis). Now that we have the rhinitis reduced, his asthma has, touch wood, been controlled.

Hope some of that helps!

Take care xx


ah thanks for your advice, we r keeping an eye on him closely. docs have said to go to a&e if he continues in this manner, even if he gets no worse they have said give him until sat for an improvement and if not get him checked out.

thanks again

helen xx


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