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my son (2yrs old) was diagnosed with asthma when he was 16 month, since then i have struggled to get him to take his inhalers as hes scared of the mask on his spacer,i used to give him them when he was sleeping, i have said to my doctor and all they have said is to persiver with it and not to give him them when hes sleeping as he wont be taking them, does anyone have any tips to get him to start taking them. hes started coughing a lot an is waking up at night because of this and even being sick because hes coughing so much, which the doctor thinks there is nothing wrong with this.

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  • Hi sorry to hear that your son is struggling at the moment. i have a 6yr old daughter with very severe asthma. We were always told it was ok to give inhaler through spacer even when asleep ( and the nurses always do it in hospital during the night) . Maybe you could buy some stickers of your sons favourite characters ( bob the builder, fireman sam etc and stick them on the spacer. Leave it lying around when you are not using it it's amazing what games they play or play doctors with teddy etc.... I hope some of this can be of help to you. Keep perservering it gets better. Take Care Nikki xx

  • Have bumped another 2 yr old refusing thread for you- it's a common stressful thing!

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