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Looking for support groups

I have noticed that in my local area there are support groups for parents that meet up from once a week to once a month. These groups include ADHD, Twins, single parents, food allergy/intolerances, disabled etc. However not one is for parents or carers of children who have asthma!!!!

Is this standard everywhere or do any of you attend one?

I would love to meet up with parent who go through similar experiences as us, but can't find any local. This was the same as when Isaac was born, he was prem, and I never met another local person who was in the same situation.

When friends kids have snotty noses I worry constantly as I know Isaac will end up getting it on his chest and they never quite realise as to why I would like them to wipe their childs nose before they play with Isaac.

Does anyone know how to go about starting a support group? Has anyone here done so? Would love to hear about your own experiences. Also if you have found one are they useful to attend?

Sorry to go on, but I do so feel alone with this right now.

Sarah xx

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