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Hi all

Thought i would join this forum to get a bit of advice for my 10 year old son who has had asthma since he was born and will never be rid of it as we were told by the asthma nurse.

The last few days he has been quite poorly and his breathing is not too good, my wife spent the whole day yesterday up the hospital with him where he had an x-ray and some steriods, the first 2 docs said he had a shadow on his lung possibly indicating an infection but another doctor said he did not.

After some time on the nebulizer and a dose of steriods they let him home, but he doesnt seemed to have improved, we just rang the hospital and they assured us his lungs are fine and his chest is clear but said bring him back if he is short of breath

He seems to have developed this grunt every few seconds where he is struggling to breath and the docs said it was a habitt that he needs to break.

I dont know what to think i just know i am so worried about him if any body here can offer me any advice i will appreciate it very much.

Thank you

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Hi there, just to let you know we had a similar experience over christmas with our son. We spent the best part of a week going back and forth from the hospital to be told each time he was ok as his chest sounded clear and his sats were fine. His peak flows were reduced considerably and were not picking up much after 10 puffs of ventolin so we kept going back.

You know your son and he knows if he is feeling poorly. If you have any doubts please go back. It is inappropriate for the hospital to say his chest was clear yesterday so he must be ok today - asthma is very variable and can change quickly.

Take care and do what you think is right - doctors would much rather see a child who is not too bad than have to treat someone who has left it too long.


hi there, i totally agree get him to your docs or hospital, my son was admitted just before xmas usual treatment let out the next day and i wasn't happy with him so took him back to docs, the doc was angry with the hospital for letting him out so we ended back in again! it was a nasty viral infection. you know your own child better than any doc trust your instinct. hope he is ok x


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