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I am sure many parents feel the same and my partner and I do. Nights of no sleep and worry of when you hear your child cough and cough, you don't know what to do or where to turn. You go to your Dr's surgery and come back with what seems to be a glimmer of hope and relief only to find you go through the same again night after night. At the moment my partner and I are feeling so low seeing our son coughing all the time, we feel so helpless, we have been given various medications - ventolin 100mg and Cleni modulite preventer but to be honest nothings seems to be working. Our sons Asthma all seemed to have started with a cold and flu earlier on in the year, since this he has been back to the dr's many times and has been diagnosed with Asthma, we have now an appointment to at our local Ears,nose and throat clinic I am hoping they can give us some more answers as we really do not know where to turn. My concern is that it all seems to be getting worse. Does anyone have any really good tips on how to improve sleeping or relief syptoms of the so called 'asthma wheeze'? We recently bought him and anti allergy bed, we prop up his pillows but nothing really seems to work....Any advise welcome.


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at times we found a bath in a steamy bathroom eased things a little, but all kids are diff.

anti allergy bedding does help, as does laminate flooring, we have also found anti histhmamine can help too, though u would have to see about this from GP.

I would also request and asthma plan, every child who has a dx of asthma should have one, it makes it easyer to manage the symptoms.

hope ur boy feels better soon


Just wanted to say- dont give up on this, keep going back to the doctors until you find the right medications for your son. There are many different medications that can be prescribed and often it is just a case of trying different ones until the right combination is found.

If you do not feel you sons asthma is being managed by his GP, ask for him to be refered to a specialist who will be able to treat him better.

Finally if you want some more advice you can call the asthma UK asthma nurses (the number is at the top in the red box) and they are always happy to give advice and support.

Hope this helps



Firstly I sympathise with you enormously.

My little girl is 2 and we go through exactly what you describe.

Id go along with what the others have said in asking for more help from gp, practice Asthma nurse or a referal to a consultant.

In the meantime, try the Asthmauk helpline, they're complete stars.

Pm me anytime, I so no what you're going through.



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