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I am quite new to this, as my 13 months old daughter was only confirmed as asthmatic couple of days ago. However, I believe the doctors did not recognise it earlier, because I thought the symptoms were always quite clear. She was always a very sicky baby, later confirmed as lactose and milk intollerant. She always coughs, always has a blocked nose, her nights are broken with coughing and she's always tired. When you put a hand on her back or chest you feel it all rattling and whizzing when she breaths in or out.

She has been a good sleeper until recently, when she started waking up a few times at night with cough and difficulties with breathing. Yesterday she had for the first time a very bad attack, when she was sleeping in her buggy on the bus, all over sudden she got all dark red and puffed up, coughed really violently and made sounds like she's vomitting however, all it came out was a thick green mucus.

She calmed down after a couple of minutes after undressing, cooling down and propping up in my arms. It was quite scary though!

The worst part is her inability to sleep at night. She was prescribed an inhaler with a face mask, we are collecting it today from trom the pharmacy and will try to start it tonight, but I just cannot see her taking it in without pinning her down and forcing her to do it. Which obviously will upset her even more.

I read your comments and advice but most of them relate to older children, in the situation you can cooporate with them, teach them to breath slowly and explain the reasons behind the inhalers.

How can you work this through with such a small person?? How to help her to sleep at night better??? Is it better to keep it cool or warm room?

Can anyone who's been through a similar situation with a baby give me some advice.

It's a pretty scary experience, must admit.

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  • scary place

    Hi, im new to this site here goes, my lad was diagnosed at twelve months old, he used to cry when having inhalers was told if they crying they have to breathe properly, I used to sing baa baa black sheep so he would know it was going to finish, you also know that way it has been on long enough. I used to hold mask on from behInd to get a good seal, it does seem mean but they really work well. My lad is four now still has inhalers but from mouthpiece now, good luck with that, hope little one is better soon. It is scary and that is worse if they can't tell you too.

  • Hi, firstly massive hugs for what youre going through. Its soo tough to see them struggle, especially when they are so young and unable to tell you how they feel etc.

    My little girl had her first Asthma attack at 7months and was blue lighted to hosp with breathing problems. 2 months later she was put on inhalers and given a spacer with mask. She has continued having attacks and going into hosp almost monthly. She has just turned 2 years old.

    She too has always struggled with choking, coughing and vomitting fits. And just as you described has woken suddenly coughing and struggling. Its sooo scary. She still does it now. In fact it has happened for 3 weeks continuosly now with only one night off!

    The spacer with mask takes a while to get the hang of but soon can be mastered. I sit Maddie on my knee, facing away then with her head against my chest I put the mask on her and sing. She screamed for a few weeks and struggled but soon got used to it and is now brill. She is now also nebulised twice daily in addition to the inhalers.

    We keep our daughters room cool and wet dust it everyday.

    Has your dr considered reflux??

    The reason I ask is that often reflux symptoms mirror Asthma symptoms in a baby. It can cause coughing, gasping, vomitting and wheeze.

    Maddie was always a sicky baby and had dreadful colic etc when little. She is still sick alot.

    We've recently had her tested for reflux (an overnight stay and a tube put down into her stomach) which confirmed reflux. However in Maddies case, not severe enough to warrant the severe symptoms shes having. So Asthma it is for certain in her case.

    Feel free to PM me anytime. I know how tough it can be to watch your baby struggle, to try to administer meds and also to cope with the vommiting and choking. It can feel very iscolating.


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