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i am so confused

hi all my daughter used to be seen by her consultant then last year she was signed off from her then throu out the winter she has bin so bad and off school so often (whoops she is 14yrs old) our gp re referred her bk to consultant anyways goes today to find consultant on holiday and someone else is covering her fair enough

in jan my daughter had her preventater upped in dosage from 50 mg to 125 mg seritde inhaler she has been responding well with odd attack since taking it this dr said today he will give her till may then cut her meds down to zero i was so stunned i couldn't say anything and then realised on the way home that when they want to do this she has her yr 9 exams in may and various other activities going on and can't believe he is doing this

my thought are surely they should go bk to the 50mg seritide cut down

i tried to get hold of the asthma nurse we deal with but she still on holiday as well

anyone had this dun to there child

any thoughts are greatly appreciated i just keep sitting thinking omg can i really put her throu all this

she is generally well and she loves school i don't want her to have any more time off thanis necessary she was off for 2 months in total before xmas


mumof 4

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Hi Karen

Dont panic too much just yet although i totally understand your concern. My daughter's attendance has been appalling at times over the past few years and so i know it is a worry. I would wait until you can speak to her normal consultant and or asthma nurse when they are back off holiday. Explain to them your concerns, i am sure they will understand. Sometimes you just need to be firm ( or just plain neurotic as in my case !!) Maybe the doc you saw was just being optimistic about her asthma and sadly sometimes you get different ideas from different docs. Just let them know how you feel when you next get the chance or make another appointment to talk to them about it. As her mum you know your daughter best.

Emily was on Seretide 250 and is now on Seretide 125 but she isnt well enough to come off her's yet.

May is still a little while off yet so keep your fingers crossed that they will rethink the idea. I hope your daughter stays well.

Dont be scared to be a pain in the butt mum, there are lots of us about !!!

Best Wishes

Cathy :-)


hi kathy thanks

i just thought he had gone balmy lol the first time he looked at her notes then he saying come off the meds seeing as only a month a go after being so unwell with her asthma that they put her meds up

the way he was saying it it was come straight off the meds not even go bk down to the 50

and when he said how old is she i said 14 o yes he said time to come off the meds i'm thinking omg its down to age now wots the matter with u

well i have left a message for her asthma nurse to contact me when she comes bk

my thoughts at home were o yes ok for u mate but u are not the one having to go bk and forth from school hospital and dr's when u start this off. i have to take my asthmatic son to consultant next month fingers crossed i don't get him again and the usual one is there cos i have a feeling i will be walking straight out



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