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im new and would be greatful of any advice

my daughter keryn has had asthma since she was 4 it all happend out of the blue she was drowsy and unwell then her breathing was getting worse so i took her to A&E were they put her on the nebulizer the doctor then diagnosed asthma and shes had trouble with it ever since shes been takin to hospital a few time now so they gave her a third inhalor a protector which seemed to work well and she was using her preventer much less but recently she has been waking in the night struggling to breath and taking about 6 puffs of her releiver before she can go back to sleep and even then she still sounds wheezey iv never really found any thing inparticular that sets her asthma off apart from change in the weather this can be either gettin colder or warmer i would be greatful of any advice

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Hi Lynda and welcome to AUK.

Yeah, changes in temperature/humidity can exacerbate asthma.

Keryn’s asthma doesn’t sound very well controlled at the moment. I would suggest that you take your daughter back to your GP to get her asthma/medication reviewed as soon as possible. A wee change in medication may make a big improvement in symptoms.

I hope this helps a wee bit.

Take hair,



hi Lynda, my son has asthma and many things set him off, but one of them is temperature. Over the last few weeks while the weather has been warmer he has had trouble more so during the night. He finds keeping his bedroom cooler helps for him,I try to keep windows open, not easy if you have allergies, or a fan on.


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