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AUK's asthma action plan, calendar and medication cards for kids

I ordered the pack above in the title and I just wanted to say they are amazing. They are working. I ordered and extra medication card and action plan for my son to take to school and every night he goes to his calendar and answers all the questions and gives his-self a sticker for using his inhaler. We have reminder stickers next to his bed, on the fridge, on the bath-room door, on the front door and on his peg at school

I am going to contact AUK about this pack for kids as I want to know if I can get more of the stickers that are in the pack as you only get enough for 6 weeks and I would like to continue this calender with my son as he needs this visual prompt to remind him about his inhalers and I don't want to use any old stickers that you can buy in the shops I would like to continue with the stickers you get in the pack.

I would highly recommend the pack to any parents for there kids. My son is almost 9 but is more like 5/6 year old but wants the independents of a 9 year old so with our supervision he has the independents of taking his medication in his own

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sounds good, not sure if little nutter is a bit young for these yet.....age 4?


Hi Little nutter. They are aimed at 6-11 year olds but I would say they can be used for younger children. Especially the medication card as they are perfect for giving to nursery/school


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