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hi my name is lisa im a full time mum of 4 great 4th and youngest son was diagnosed with astma at about eleven months old,hes now 3 and hes my pride and joy .although he seems 2 be going through is terrible 2s late or is it just purely 4 the fact that i let him get away with it cuz hes my precious little man who i love so love 2 chat with anyone who has a child with asthma and who knows how it feels 2 live ur life through that child.every time he gets a cough or runny nose,thinking oh no here comes another chest infection,not allowing them to have nuts even though u dont no if they have an allrgy or not.who can take that risk?not me.feeling guilty 4 putting all ur time and energy into one child when theres more in the house.anyway enough about me does anyone out there fancy a chat.x

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Hi, I am 14 and I used to have asthma.

I made it better by:

Eating lots of apple because the vitamins make your lungs healthier and stronger.

Also, try to cut him down from using his inhaler all of the time - just tell him to sit down for a bit and to breathe through his nose and if he still wheezes then he should take his inhaler.



Please do not give medical advice. You are not qualfied to do so, and it is not safe. Advising someone not to use their inhaler when they need it is potentially dangerous. Undertreating asthma can be fatal.

Anyone who is prescribed an inhaler should use it as discussed with their doctor. If you are concerned that you are using your inhaler too much or inappropriately, you should discuss appropriate use with your doctor or asthma nurse before trying to cut down your usage.

Em H

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