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they won't label my son with asthma

Hi been home now for a few hours,stayed overnight at hospital with my son hes 16mths! Hes been i hospital 3 times now since december! First time they said it was brocitus,2nd time only a month ago they said a chest infection,now hes a happy weezer!

He woke up 2 days ago wheezy,sucking in hes belly and struggling to breath,tired and clingy! I gave him ten puffs of hes inhalor and took him to gp,she gave him amoxiclin(yellow liquid) said giv fluids,calpol and inhaler if needed! He screamed alnight and was worse by the morning took him back ad gp put him on the nebiliser and then we went straight to hospital! They did back to back with inhaler and gave steriods,calpol and we had to have inhaler every hr!

Hes calmed down now on hes inhaler ten puffs 4hrly and another lot of steriods tamara! As im aware hes having same treatment as an asthmatic,but don't want to say that he is as he might grow out of it... just wondered if and how they dioganise asthma and did any one here go thru same thing

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Yes I had the same problem with my son. My eldest son was diagnosed with this after many trips to A & E and eventually a referral to a consultant. But my youngest who is 5 was diagonsed at 3 weeks old.


Hi There,

My son is 10 months and the doctors say they think he has asthma but will not label it until he is 2. He has inhalers and is up most nights coughing and wheezying constently. We keep returning to the GP who just tells us to carry on using the inhallers (which he hates).

I know it is not much of an answer for you but I just wanted you to know that someone else is in the same boat.


hi, my son is 3 yrs 9 mths now, he's been in and out of hospital. six times since aug. hes got the brown inhaler, the blue, and hes on singulair tablets and they reckon they still cant diagnose asthma because hes too young. they said they can test when hes about 5 with a peak flow meter. i understand how you feel, i also find i get different advice off my gp to what i would get at the hospital or asthma nurse!


hi i just wanted to let you know ive been in your situation twice with both my girls my eldest daughter was the same but after 6 months never needed to use her inhaler again my younger daughter though had eczema from birth which they said they couldnt diagnose as she was too young and put down as dry skin till she was 18 mnths then her breathing got worse and at 4 was finaly diagnosed with asthma every consultant i saw when we were in hospital said different one said it was the next would say no.the important thing is that you deal with it as if it is i really hope your child grows out of it but he may not and be diagnosed later on whatever the case you are the mum and you know your child best so if you think they are unwell its up to you to keep on at the doctors as im afraid some doctors dont know best my daughter has been struggling to breathe but because they couldnt hear her wheeze they told me it wasnt an asthma attack this is rubbish not everyone wheezes.i really hope you get somewhere it is hard work with an asthmatic child especially if its not under control

take care



Hi, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!

My son first had an ""asthma"" attack or wheezing at in December 2007 when he was 23 months. He has now had approximately 10 hospital visits since then with overnight stays! Also only last month was he finally prescribed the preventor inhaler. He still has not been officially diagnosed as asthmatic due to his age, he is now 3, as they say he may grow out it! Well, I hope so because it is an awful condition to have!

They have advised that when he turns 5 he can use the flow-peak meter to diagnose asthma, if is still having symptoms. He is going to see an asthma consultant in about 6-8 weeks as we really need to manage it better. Altough your son hasnt been officially diagnosed with asthma, he will be treated as if he has asthma. Essentially they currently have asthma, but the consultants dont want to label them with asthma until they are totally sure they will continue to have it once they are older.

I hope this helps!



Thanks for replys!

Its nice to know were not alone! Weve been in hospital again since i last posted,That was hes worse out of all 4 attacks,hes sats were so low and i was told last time if he need hes inhaler more than ten puffs-4hrly than bring him straight to hospital!

Hes attacks build up so quickly,but were getting used to it know and what to do,they stuck him on nebiliser straight away and gave steriods but unfortunatly we had to stay in hospital again but this time they said he needs to see a specialist and gave us the brown preventer that were using twice a day still!

One mum on the ward told me that the brown inhaler makes no differance,i was abit upset by what she said,but then her child was a lot worse than my son and think she was having a horrible time in hospital!

Hes always fine after having steriods,but im so worried about it starting again,we carry hes blue inhaler every where now,we got rid of our cat,i wash hes bedding more now,hoover 3 times a day and panick when we have a bbq lol!

But hes such a happy boy and it comes on fast but with the right help it gos just as fast,but they still won't say its asthma,telling me he will grow out of it!

Thanks for your posts its so nice to hear about other storys and other people!

Becky and ickle Dennis 18mths


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