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Newbie here

Hi there and hello to everyone!!

Just a bit about myself, I am a mum to 3 boys, 2 with Asthma.

We have had a bit of a difficult year and I am now finding it very hard to decide where to go with various treatments we are being offered.

One of my son's is 8 and has had a really rough year with a number of hdu admissions, not really bouncing back that well inbetween. He had a known allergy to nuts and eggs but has now developed a number of new allergies over the past 6 months. He keeps having allergic reactions with facial swelling and hives to food he used to be ok with and I am now worried everytime he eats anything!!! Even when he appears well to me he has low lung function and is wheezy.

He has tried most of the common meds but nothing so far is keeping his asthma under control.

It would be nice to share experiences and advice with other parents who have children with asthma.

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Hi I have two boys with asthma, one is 11 in a few weeks and one is 8. My eldest has mild asthma,he also has food allergies including wholewheat. He had trouble with eggs and milk until he was 2 and his asthma used to be really bad then. My youngest has no allergies at all but his asthma is severe and none of the normal meds work for him either. It's been a nightmare but now we have a specialist it should get a bit easier now. Next week we will find out about changing his medication so I'm a bit worried.



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