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out of the blue

Our son is 3 years old, has had several hospital admissions then saw the consultant early december and he prescribed seritide (purple). Oscar has been so good on this inhaler then out of blue the wheezing and coughing started. Now he's really struggling and back on pred.

His breaths are 45 rest, 10 puffs every hour fast pulse.

Gp happy to wait. Its been so long since last attack, thought he was sorted.

Anyone else on seritide?

Thanks for reading


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I hope your son has improved..however if it was me i wouldn't be waiting for the GP...he would be straight to hospital. My child has severe asthma, (is on seretide) and I have seen him drop so quickly when an attack starts. I have been told that if he needs more than 10 puffs of ventolin more than 4 hourly, then to ring an ambulance asap.

I don't mean to scare you, I just wouldn't hang about.



Hi, how's he doing?? Hope things have settled x


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