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Hi to you all, I've been lurking (so to speak) for some time and finally joined the forums tonight.

I'm mum of a 6 year old and a 4 year old. My little boy was born coughing (literally) 4 years ago, which was tentatively diagnosed as floppy larynx. Anyway to cut a very long 4 year story short, he has coughed and spluttered and wheezed through every cold / croup / pneumonia. Fine in between colds. September well, wasn't so good, wheezed, chest recessions, really struggled. Off to A & E then admitted to kids ward on nebs etc etc. In past we have been told it's a viral wheeze, now we're told it's asthma. So on to steroid preventers and salbutamol relievers. Still struggled a bit as next cold was only 10 days after starting preventers so no effect, last cold 6 weeks ago, started with croup needed admission then next day wheezy and needed oral steroids. Finally have appt with consultant in new year (first visit ever).

Anyway point of this is I am so scared. What if what if what if .......

There is no asthma in the family anywhere and I suppose I am asking the impossible. I don't want him to have asthma.

I spend my waking hours watching his breathing and panic every time he coughs. After his last episode his cough went on for a couple of weeks but chest was clear. Stopped for a few days and is now coughing again - not nasty, not wheezy, not short of breath, not frequent, not worse after exercise. Just a clearing chest type cough. is this OK? Relievers make no difference. Do you think he needs checking or is this just a post cold lingering cough?

Anxiety is me!

Look forward very much to participating in this forum

with very best wishes


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