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Doggie talk result

Hi all.....

I'm so relieved to have received Ebonies blood test results that proved negative to dog dander (at the mo). Being a devoted dog owner we as a whole family love our pets & would have faced difficult times ahead had she been positive. So thank god for that!!

Also, from what I was told over the phone she proved negative to everything...including dust mites, pollen, cat dander etc. I have however booked an appt with doc next week as I want a copy of the test results to take along to our first Asthma hospital appointment in March! The more info I take the better eh? Other than viral asthma & temp changes (which seem to be her trigger) is there anything else I could check for to try & get to the bottom of her problem? The predisimol seems to have worked wonders & the antibiotics. We are finally getting back to full nights sleep. I have noticed though that if we go out & it's bitterly cold she really starts coughing & her nose is just streaming.

Thanks to all of u that supported me last week with our doggie talk! I honestly thought I'd be judged for having dogs & especially for worrying about their future as well as my daughters! :-)

By for now,

Sam x

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so glad to hear all this. i was worried when we didnt get to hear how it had gone at the hospital, but it does take ages for results! your daughter sounds like me was when i was little. i had rabbits and guinea pigs and rode horses and none of them made me cough (i dont and didnt wheeze). but going on a family walk at the weekend it became a good indicator that the family had walked far enough when Gilly started to cough!

i never was diagnosed as a child, though. they thought it was my nose as a post nasal drip, so i had my adeniods removed when i was 7. i guess there was some improvement in my nose breathing (but i must admit i'm mostly a mouth breather if i dont concentrate on breathing!). i remember falling for every cold/virus/bug going. so much so that i would have a bed set up downstairs so i didnt keep the adults awake in the night with the coughing. i was only diagnosed with asthma when i was 25.

so glad that you and Ebonie have an appointment at a real asthma clinic at a hospital so soon in her little life. you are doing a brilliant job at being the best mum you can be to her and yes go armed with as much infomation as you can! take care. give your little one a hug all the way from the isle of man. hope she has a good sleep this evening. give the dog a hug too. xx ><>


Hi, I'm glad that you don't have to worry about your dogs! We also have two dogs and a cat and our 3 yr old son, Leo has asthma but I am sure he doesn't have allergies as he had symptoms before we had any pets, so fingers crossed!

His asthma nurse has told us that he should be tested for dairy allergies though as lactose contains a protein that can be a common asthma trigger so that may be worth looking into?

Good luck!

Rebecca :)


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