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does anyones child have bad moods with asthma? xx

hi just after some advice, my 4yr old suffers with chronic asthma, on her second course of pred in 4 weeks she is so moody and beginning to get some behavioural issues, ,kicking, biting, me and her brother in public, shouting things like she hates us, someone asked me the other week if she was going to special school cos of her behaviour!

any help welcome xxx

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Don't worry

It's a horrible experience isn't it? Your normally well behaved little one turns into a devil! My son also does this when taking predisinol. He screams, hits, and bashes violently at everything! I told my doc whom put him on a shorter course which meant only a short burst of hell. It's so distressing for these lil kiddies and a a nasty thing to watch. Just gotta hope the benefits outweigh the downfalls. Hope your lil one gets better soon xx


Maddie (3) is on daily maintenance pred and has been since June. We have watched as her behaviour has suffered too. She is very stroppy and highly strung!! She is very loud too and doesn't seem to talk, just shout!! Also, nothing seems to scare her so she doesn't seem to have any fear unlike her siblings had at the same age. This can be a nightmare as she's into everything!!!!


This is interesting, my 4yr old certainly goes very odd on prednisolone but I wonder if Singulair can do the same?...he has become very aggressive lately and was such a laid back, smiley baby- then again maybe it's just the terrible 2's all over again!!


hi thanks for replies! she is very poorly right now so being referred to ENT n Paeds xxx


Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your Daughter. My daughter when first diagnosed with asthma had a complete personality change... Charming toddler to nightmare tantrums etc. In the end the root cause was not the drugs but the lack of sleep.

Pred can cause you not to sleep. In fact when I take it (I also have asthma) I become very grumpy as I don't sleep at all.

4 year olds need sleep. However sorting out the asthma is even more important. Also my doctor said with my daughter that it might appear that she was sleeping okay, but that the quality of her sleep was just not good enough because of the asthma. We managed to solve the sleep problem and everything changed almost overnight. It might be something to ask your doctor about, as this is a common symptom of small children with asthma.

My Daughter is now a lovely clever 14 year old. Whose asthma x fingers is now really well controlled.

So I am sure that you will get through this eventually, hang on in there, I remember what it was like.





both singulair and prednisolone can apparently cause behavioural changes and mood swings as if they are teens unfortunately - but not always though

hope things improve before yo start togo grey or pull your hair out!!

x x


thnks for replies, she has hospital tomorrow for paediatrics, xxxx



My son is 3 and always gets so stroppy when on prednisolone. I think it is a combination of these and the tiredness from being up half the night with each attack that causes this because he is usually so mild mannered and sweet.

We had to take him off Montelukast/Singulair because it had quite unsettling side effects on him. He became an insomniac, rarely going to sleep much before midnight and still waking at 5.30-6am, and he also became very short tempered and began shouting at people, totally out of character for him. These are all known side effects so we took him off them after about 8 weeks. Within a week he was sleeping by 8pm each night and back to his mild, loving personality, even nursery commented on how the old Leo had returned!

I hope this helps, good luck!


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