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cold weather

hi everyone i am just wondering if any parents have had any problems with their child developing hives when they go out in this very cold weather. since novemeber we have noticed that out son gets hives on places he is not covered eg,his cheeks and if he doesnt wear his gloves his hands .. he also complains of feeling the cold much more than other children and he becomes more breathless when he is outside rather than in.. i am aware that one of his triggers is running around in the cold and although we try to encourage him not to do too much of this he is a 5year old boy who loves nothing more than to run about..

my main concern is what may be causing these hives, he is atopic and does suffer with asthma, eczema havefever/rhinitis and was allergic to dairy products until oct last year. but i have never heard of children suffering from allergins to cold weather

please i would be grateful if anyone who has experienced this toshed some light..


jakeys mum (helen)

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Cold weather can cause hives........ I'm sure I read up on it at one point when little nutter seemed to experience a reaction when out sledging. I thought it was due to a dog, but cold weather was also suggested as a cause.

He became wheezy, breathless and developed hives all over his body.

its called cold urticaria i think

I think little nutter's reaction was due to the dog though rather than the cold, but did look into both.

(as have been out in the cold since then without hives)

little nutter has just turned 6, he also has eczema, hayfever/rhinitis, and a severe nut allergy, he is also a typical wee boy who is desprate to run about, go sledging etc. Its difficult, as u just want them to be able to go out and run about, go sledging etc coz that what they wanna do!


Thanks for your reply, I have been looking it up and it does seem to be linked to the cold.

I have never really thought about it b4 but I stopped taking him swimming because in a matter

Of minutes he'd blue and dithering terribly maybe this is all linked, we see a specialist

Of allergies in march maybe she'll shed some light

Thanks again


Hi, I have no experience of the hives I'm afraid. As for the cold, Maddie feels the cold terribly and even walking through the chiller section of a supermarket can make her visibly start shivering. She really can't tolerate it at all. I was told that it's to do with her steroid levels in her body.

Not sure if that much help but thought I'd share in case it is.

Take care x


my little man gets hives from all sorts of randoms. He gets a line of them under his left eye every now and again and we have no idea what the cause is. He would be covered from head to toe whenever he lay down on our living room carpet so that had to be replaced. It wouldn't surprise me at all if u could get hives from being cold.


Hi everyone , we had another episode of hives from the cold yesyerday but this time in fridge department at the supermarket. He started of saying he was freezing his dad held his hands and he was like ice then he started with iching and b4 we knew it he had hives on his face and hands.. Not a pleasent experience for him or us as we seem helpless.. These settle themselves although he is then left with a very red face as he warms up. X


Poor Jake..

Deff sounds as though he is reacting to the cold.

Does he take antihisthamines? Maybe dr could perscribe something he could take to help prevent the reaction, or make it a bit of a milder reaction if poss. As its not going to be easy to avoid the cold, other than wrapping up warm, wearing hat, gloves etc.

In the ski shops they do sell cotton scarf type things that kids can wear over their face.....could help if he was out in really cold weather.


thanks again everyone, we do keep him wrapped up but unfortunatly he wont keep his face covered, he's uncomfortable with this as he is a mouth breather due to large polyps in his nose :-(

i do think we have related this issue to the cold but im just so confused as to why this has come out of the blue, im sure we'll get our answer soon enough, he is having allergy testing for airbourne substances in march so fingers crossed.

thanks again



poor boy hopefully when he goes for his allergy tests they are able to offer him help to manage it better, it always one thing after another it seems, with new allergies developing. Hope the summer weather comes quickly for you! As cold isn't something you can really avoid living in such a cold country! x


Ive experience this for the last couple of yrs it came out of nowhere i was walking to the store me & my daughter & my face begin to get very hot by the time i made it to Walgreen my daughter said mom u got spots all over your face it was hives it then started going all over my body my legs would itch so bad so i avoid cold places i know thats hard to do & stay in during the cold winter months


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