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Newly diagnosed child - couple of questions!

Morning all

Many apologies if this is answered elsewhere on the site, but I'm at work - and not got a lot of time!!

My 5 1/2 yr old regularly coughs at night, a lot - up to an hour and a half when she's going to sleep. Sips of water don't seem to help, and neither did cough medicine. Took her to Dr on Friday who said it sounded like it might be asthma, but it was almost impossible to diagnose at that age - and that what they do is treat it like it is - to see if it eases symptoms.

So we came out with a blue inhaler, and spacer, and instructions to have two clicks morning and two clicks in the evening.

We started on Friday night. My question is, how quickly would the inhaler make a difference, if its going to make one? Does that make sense?

We're to go back in 4-6 weeks for further discussions.

Thanks for any advice / help!!


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Hi there,

I hope your wee one sees some improvement in her symptoms soon! have you tried calling the Asthma Nurses at Asthma UK on 0800 121 62 44, they're great and would prob be able to answer most of your queries

Good luck


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