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Peak flow readings

When we was in hospital Alex was measured to determine his target PFR. They said his should be around 250. His seems to have settled around the 200-210 mark over the last 4 days. He has been on his brown inhaler for almost 3 weeks.

I have looked up on the internet that for a child his height his PFR should be around the 200 mark anyway.

I know as he is quite stable at the moment that its really nothing to worry about but just looking if anyone can advise what is PFR should be, he is about 117cm.



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for a CHILD, based on his height that you say, he should be bout 200, but thats his predicted, whats his best as the docs normally go by best rather than predicted. if he can do more than the predicted, thats great :)

so 200-210 is spot-on :)



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