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asthma and holidays

hi we are taking our son on holiday in a few weeks and i feel really anxious about it. he is three with asthma and takes a fair bit of medicine. he has been fine for a while now, i am just wondering if any parents have taken their asthmatic children away and how they have coped.

thanks jakey's mum.x

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Hi we used to borrow a portable nebuliser from childrens hospital. It was peace of mind and didn't have to worry if we were not so near a hospital.I always take spares of every med, just in case. I worry still whether where we stay has had dogs staying, a big no no or if it's too dusty or smokey. Never had a bad holiday yet so why do I worry so much.Hope you have a great time



Where are you going on holiday? Our holidays have been to the seaside (UK) and Scotland and our son's asthma has actually been much better. We've stayed in self catering in Dorset which was very clean, no smokers or pets. Also when he's been away with school he's been very well. As soon as we get home it's bad again (we live in the country)! We take all his meds, plus spares and we now have a portable nebuliser.


Hi Jakeys Mom, Im not sure if your going abroad or in this country, but UKs ones as below, work out where your nearest A and E/Doctors surgery is etc and make sure you have enough meds to see you through, when we go abroad, mine and my childrens asthma are brilliant, I have to take my ventolin on board the plane and just as I get on etc, as the cabin pressure or air con does seem to play mine up a bit, nothing major just a bit tight chested feeling, but never had a problem once arrived, even in this country I find with the lovely air you get by the coast asthma seems much better.

Hope you have a lovely time and enjoy yourselves xx


Hi we have never took Jimmy on holiday so we are really in need of some time away we are thinking we are going to start small with centre parks to see how we go. I know how you feel its scary but im sure you will all be fine.

Ashley Jimmys mummy xx


Where are you going?

We have taken our daughter away twice abroad. The first time she hadnt been diagnossed and had her first attack on return back into the UK. (we were told it was the damp Brittish air!)

The next time we booked, I was terrified and wouldve done ANYTHING not to go but my husband convinced me we needed a break!

I spoke to her cons and he told me to give plenty of Ventolin as we boarded the plane and promised that a change of air would help her no end.

The night before we went she had a massive attack!! She was put on double pred and given some for the entirety of the holiday. We were told to not give it unless we needed as we should keep it and give it as she entered back into the UK.

She was absolutely fine! And in fact, her wheezing stopped as soon as we landed abroad.

Whether youre staying in the UK or abroad, Id definately agree that you should just make sure you know where the nearest dr or hossie are. I did that, if only for peace of mind.

Im sure all will be ok hunny. You will all have a much needed break and come back refreshed.

Take care and have a wonderful time.

Let us know how it goes.x


Hi forgot to say use 5 puffs of ventolin 10 mins before flying and the same before 10 year old did this instinctively, I did not!!!! guess who was ill taking off and landing!Are you smarter than a 10 year old, well i'm obviously not


A break can be fab but make sure you have all the necessary paperwork with you.

If your going away in Europe make sure you have your EHIC health card and you carry it with you at ALL times. It's also worth taking out health insurance as this covers things like ambulances but you need to ensure they cover pre-existing conditions. I would also take a repeat prescription and carry all meds in hand baggage etc.

I would also consider getting a language teacher from a local school (if going to a non-English speaking country) and asking them to translate a few lines for you. Just something like 'My son has severe asthma' and also how your normally treated in an acute exacerbation as it can differ from English treatment!

Other than that enjoy yourself and relax!!


hi i know how you feel we go to kefalonia in a few weeks my youngest archie is asthmatic and has a episode this week not quite an attack because it took him to a&e before it got to that stage .. but my concern is the same he has never been abroad at the mo he is on steroid and other things example monetlukast and inhalers daily ive been given a prescription for antibiotic and steroid to take with us can i take all of it in my hand luggage ?? thanks d


Donutt - Yes, you can take it all in your hand luggage.

I put all meds, inhalers, powders etc into a lunchcool bag. Remember to take all the couterfit parts of your prescriptions (the white part) as this can then act as a dr's note and explains the meds and who thy're for etc.

We even carried the cool bag in addition to our handluggage and it was fine. At passport control, they stopped us and had a rummage through it but were absolutely fione with it all and in fact, very sympathetic.

Have a lovely time. I agree, a break usually does Asthma the world of good.x


Hi Jakeys mum

the advice you have been given is spot on .

One of the biggest things and yes it is very hard -is try not to fuss over him -if he picks up you are anxious about his health then it could be detrimental to him and possible produce symptoms - be led by him as much as possible.

As long as you have done everything you can then try and relax and enjoy your break.

I have a daughter who is 13 and asthmatic as well as nut anaphalactic plus i am a brittle asthmatic along with many other health probs so i can appreciate your anxiety in fact i often see it when i go away with people and how nervous they get traveling with me!!!

Fell free to pm me if u want to talk more

i hope u do get away and have a lovely and problem free break x


thanks guy's for all your reply's we r going to spain and my anxiety levels are sky high. i have spoken to the asthma nurses on here and we go to the hospital on wed for his allergies and to the asthma nurse on thurs for a review. we have been told by asthma uk to ask for some anti-biotics to take with us and we always have an emergency supply of steroids we have also been told to give him 5 puffs b4 take off to keep his airways open.

thanks again for your replys

im glad to hear that others go and have a good time. xx


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