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Newbie & after advice please!

Hi there everyone. Katie has just seen the ENT and been told she has mild asthma, made worse in winter and at night. he has suggested she use last winters blue inhaler (given for her annual cold). I want her to have it whenever she displays symptoms, daddy says no more than 4 times (8 puffs) in 24 hours.

Any suggestions? We are waiting to see the GP.


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Generally the blue inhaler can usually be used as often as needed


Generally the blue inhaler can usually be used as often as needed, I'm not a child but am currently in a flare up and can honestly say i'm not counting how often i'm using it. At my worst i'm almot certain i was using it every 1.5 - 2 hours. It is said you can't overdose and if you're in doubt and want relief use the inhaler.

I'm in no way medically trained but that's just my view on it, hope it helps xx


if she needs it then give her it...

next time u visit dr ask for an asthma plan....very useful when you are new to asthma. May help daddy feel more at ease with giving her the inhaler. 8 puffs in 24 hours really isn't a lot! There is no reason why she can't have 8 puffs or more!


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