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suddenly very allergic to dogs (i think)

little nutter seemed to have a reaction to a dog the other day,

we went out for a quick go on the sledge, (asthma has been really well controlled lately and coping well with the cold weather, he was desprate to go out on his sledge so decided it would be OK to take him out for 10 mins, taking usual percautions)

As I was pulling him along in the sledge a neighbours dog came up to him. I moved him away and the dog was taken away from him. (he has reacted to pets in the past, tho usually just with puffy eyes, runny nose etc. Normaly eased with some antihisthamine and a couple of puffs of his inhaler if needed.

Anyway at that point he had no symptoms so we carried on playing, about 10 mins later he became very wheezy, and was struggling. Took him back indoors and gave him his inhaler (10 puffs in total) to try to ease his symptoms. Thought it was the cold air getting to his chest that caused the asthma.

But then he became itchy, said his ears were itchy so i gave him some piriton. He then broke out in hives on his face, which then spread over his body. He was obviously reacting to something.

I think it may have been the dog, but it has been suggested to me that it may have been a reaction to the cold.

Or perhaps because the reaction happened outside it caused the asthma attack as it was so cold? But why suddenly develop hives too? He has never reacted so badly to a dog before.

He has many allergies and carries an epi pen due to his nut allergy, so this could just be something else we need to be aware of.

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First of all I hope the little nutter is feeling a tad more comfy, poor little mite. To have a skin reaction like hives and put it down to the cold, I think is unlikely. Yes in the past little nutter has had some reaction to animals, but having just had minor exposure and reaction previously it is highly possible to have a very extreme reaction the next time. I cope fairly well with dogs which is just as well considering I have one, but also have severe nut allergy and carry epi pens. I have been warned that so far my reactions to nuts have been fairly slow to start off, but not to become relaxed about it, because the next accidental exposure and subsequent reaction could be sudden and I could go down hill very quickly. Since your little nutter has a wide variety of allergic issues I think it is highly probable that little nutter was always allergic to dogs just now his reaction time is far quicker.


Trying to work out what has caused an allergic reaction can be impossible. My daughter has a whole long list of allergies, she reacts to the cold and can puff up and come out in hives to . She also is allergic to dogs. The best thing to do is keep a diary of the allergic reactions and see if a pattern happens. I hope your son is ok.


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