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remembering to carry inhalers

My son is 7 and this year we have been giving him more of the responsibility with his asthma. This has most of the time worked wioth him remembering his inhalers, and most times I check but didn't want to be to overbearing. sunday we went to chuirch then straighjt to town so that he could spend his christmas money. We got into one of the big shops and he needed his inhalers, and he's left them at home!!! someone gave us an inhaler to try but we didn't have a spacer so it wasn't doing any good. So ambulance , nebuliser...... after that he was fine but they insisted on taking us up to the hospital where we sat for 3 half hours to see a doctor I kept asking if we could just go but they wouldn't give an inhaler without the doctor! My son bought a 'cool' bag to carry his inhalers and has swore he's not going to repeat that again!!! Here hoping! how do others handle this problem??????

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Hi we had the same problem with my Son age 9. He's ok when I he's with me as I'm asthmatic and have a small spacer and a bagful of ventolin. But when playing out with his friends he never took the big spacer out and the ventolin useless with it. He's been given a bricanyl turbo inhaler which is used without a spacer and is perfect to take out for sports. He can only have up to 2 puffs 4x a day, then no more for 5 hours after each dose (that's what we have been told).He can use ventolin as well in between.It just helps when he's out on his own. I always ask 'have you got your inhaler and your phone?if not your not going out""He's getting better now as he's collapsed three times now because of his asthma and it's really frightened him. I have inhalers everywhere just in case. We have just bought another portable nebuliser for days out, it was £250 but has been used loads already. The last battery went on the last one and couldn't replace it, it was 5 years old. The new one is smaller and lighter and seems to work much better than the old one too.My Son often has asthma attacks after competing in running competitions,he wins then crashes. Thank God for portable nebs.My Son is having problems already as he's excited because of Christmas, I'm getting so worried about him it's messing up my asthma too.We had the same problem waiting for Doctors before being given ventolin before when my Son's been staying in hospital, in the end he had such a severe attack I gave him his own that I'd brought in from home, I was furious.

I hope you have a good Christmas and your Son will probably remember being stuck in hospital for hours bored to tears, it may have helped.

take care



Try Puffa Pouches! £5 plus P&P

Very trendy inhaler holders with a safety lanyard. (even trendy for a 30 something yr old) We have had free ones in the past to hand out on Kick asthma holidays.


If spacers needed, bum bags can be useful as small grab bags kept by the door.

Also perhaps get your son to design a reminder poster and pin it to the front door?

Hope this helps!



I like these sport halers for normal ventolin.



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