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My son was diagnose with asthma from 2 years he was well medicated untill the age of 11 brown green and purple inhalor also singulair tablets which ruined his teeth so taken off them, his symptoms got less and less and as it was decided he had grown out of the symptoms we would reduce the medication,,,, now in the last 6 months symptoms have crept back he is 13 takes regular exercise but struggles, and now he is begining to have episodes of almost panic where he says he is struggling and has chest pain, at first they thought it was reflux, but now becasue his peak flo is lowered they have given him back his inhalors... one symptom i havent seen before is he says it is worse when he sits up and finds ease from lying down ? never come accross this before and obviously worried it could be something else or just his way of coping with these episodes, he is happy and enjoying school so have ruled out anxiety just want to get to the bottom of it !

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Hi, Which medication is your son on for his asthma now? It is possible that it's not asthma; if his symptoms ease at lying down, as typically a person with asthma would find lying down would make their breathing worse. Do your sons lips or fingers turn blue when he has an episode? have you noticed anything which causes his symptoms other than exercise? It might be worth going back to your gp if the inhalers you have been given are not relieving his symptoms properly.




he is just on the brown inhalor now and the blue one over the last few days he has been using the blue one more frequently , yesterday when it happened he was sitting on his x box not doing anything much, he got very panicked and i didnt notice his lips going blue he became very hot, have noticed his apeitite getting less which is a worry as he didnt eat much to start with, this morning he was getting ready for school and the same happened again and said he had to lie down to feel better, again saying he was sob and funny feeling/pain in his chest and upper abdo ?? he is at the asthma clinic on fri so will go through it all there too


Hmm, asthmatics usually want to sit up, although my son (also 13) will lie down after an attack or after a coughing fit. I always want to prop him up on pillows but he sticks to 2 pillows (in bed). When I am wheezy I sleep propped up on a mountain of pillows but he just lies back down on 2.

Re. singulair. My son went on it when he was about 8 and it helped him. He is now on an adult dose which he swallows whole (doesnt chew). Perhaps you could ask your doctor if your son could go on to the adult dose now he is 13?

The consultant told us asthma can worsen in youngsters going through puberty so maybe that is what is happening with your son. I would keep going back to the GP and maybe ask for a referral. Good luck.


Thank you, we go to the asthma clinic again friday, I think im going to ask he get checked over by GP thou, but thank you for the advice it helps as every child deals with an episode differently and its learning to spot the symptoms , thanks


Just wanted to add - you say your son is happy at school but he could still be stressed and maybe not telling you or even fully realise it himself. Stress can affect the tummy as well as asthma - maybe he has reflux as well as asthma, like my son. Even if it's not reflux, it could be tummy ache. They are pushed quite hard at school at this stage - my son has had to pick his GCSE options this year and the teachers talk a lot about exams and achieving good results (well, they do at his school anyway, they are always on about it!).

I hope the appointment at the asthma clinic is helpful. Certainly go back to the GP if you continue to be concerned about his chest pain.


yeah thanks it is something i have thought about and have been through it all with him, school, girls !! etc, but he says he is ok, is happy nothing going on , gcse options sorted looking forward to next year and even thinking about what he wants to do !

So yes will let you know what happens at gp ! thanks


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